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Looking at the past few months, have you asked your partner to regularly tell you where they are and what they’re up to?


andrewkillen posted:

I love a boy very much but he forces me to come to his room all the time. He keeps trying physical stuff with me. I don’t want to lose him, but I feel uncomfortable with the things he asks me to do. Should I continue going to his room?

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andrewkillen posted:

My BF gets me all I need even before I ask. But he raises his hand at the smallest mistakes I make. I think this is for my own good and to improve me, but sometimes it makes me feel bad. What should I do?

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#KyaYahiPyaarHai or #IsThisLove aims to increase knowledge and change attitudes about controlling behaviors and their relationship to intimate partner violence. This campaign focuses on emotional and psychological violence, and is intended to empower couples to seek positive, healthy relationships, and to distinguish loving behaviors from controlling ones.


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Wtsapp dp me mera hi photo hona chahiye If u can’t do so then u dont luv me


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Wtsapp dp me mera hi photo hona chahiye If u can’t do so then u dont luv me


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