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About the campaign

#KyaYahiPyaarHai (#IsThisLove) is an online campaign that aims to increase knowledge and change attitudes about controlling behaviors and their relationship to intimate partner violence. This campaign focuses on emotional and psychological violence, and is intended to empower couples to seek positive, healthy relationships, and to distinguish loving behaviors from controlling ones through a series of online campaign components including an informational quiz, articles, discussion board, and other resources.

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About Love Matters

Love Matters is a place to talk about sex with an open, honest, and non-judgmental attitude. At the same time, we do our best to produce content that doesn’t offend people and that fits in with culture where you live.

We see sex as a wonderful thing to explore, share, and enjoy. And we think that if you provide young people with honest and positive information and news on sex, they’ll be more likely to have safer, healthier sex.

We love to know what’s on your mind! So go on, make our day: contact us at contact@lovematters.in with your story or your question for Auntyji. Or join in and have your say on Facebook. The more we know what moves you, the more we can make Love Matters specially for you.