48 thoughts on “My BF gets me all I need even before I ask. But he raises his hand at the smallest mistakes I make. I think this is for my own good and to improve me, but sometimes it makes me feel bad. What should I do?

  1. See for ur good doesn’t mean he should rise his hand..he can also explain with cold mind.. one understands better if person explain with clam and softly .

  2. Raising hand is not a at all a correct way. If he wants to make you understand something he can explain you but hitting is completely wrong.

  3. For your good like seriously, you ain’t kid who need a smackdown on mistakes. I mean what on earth made you feel this, just go tell him you are mature human yourself and know what’s right and wrong. All he is allowed to do is show you right path,right way and you are there to decide what’s right and worng. Love just don’t involve violence in any form. Try to get this

  4. Jealousy is not a sign of true love or fear of losing someone it creates complication in a relationship which leads to doubts a person who is made to be yours will have no hesitation if so he/she will clear his thoughts without fear😊

  5. 1)He doesn’t love you. Hitting you just satisfies his MALE EGO.
    2)You are afraid of facing that situation when he won’t be in your life.
    But don’t worry. Once you gather the courage of leaving him, the next moment you’ll start feeling free.
    But remember, after all these, in the beginning for sometime he MAY beg you for coming back in his life, but You should not get weak. At last he will end up showing his REAL FACE and you will get to know how wrong you were and now how lucky you are. 😊

  6. What bullshit that he does that for you good.. excuse me he is no one to raise hand on you and you should oppose that.. he can not beat you for any cause you should take your own stand and tell him not to do that. If he doesnot listen to you leave him. He is not a man who beats a girl or women be strong enough to take your own right decisions

  7. By hitting people doesn’t mean they will improve.actually u r eliminating in front of him u become inferior and u treat him like superior. Thts y might b hitting u must on u terms and conditions in front of him.u should have behave normal don’t treat him like superior. After all he is not u r boss he is u r bf

  8. Heating is not an option…first tell him not to hit you…. after that he still hits you… I think you should break up…

  9. See You are not an infant baby anymore… If he get you the best things before you ask for its good very impressive but a gentleman culture should be there in an man.. No one will rise hands to her lady at any situation unless its too pathetic too accept but I guess in your case he should nurture you like and you also should slightly oppose these kind of behaviour.. Things cannot buy happiness but behaviour and character leave a impact of a person and we can proud to have him or her on our daily basis. If he is a gentleman he will understand see your dad also gives u everything from the time you are infant but I don’t think he beat you up like this… That is my suggestion talk to him.. Good luck

  10. No it’s not appropriate at all.nobody can hit you.grow up girl.do u still think he loves you like seriously.you both have equal rights.i think he is dominating and this is not good for your future.

  11. No one in this world (except for ur parents ) have the right to hit you soo if his hitting that is the problem girl wake up .

  12. raising a hand is not at all acceptable. itz not for your good.He can explain you your mistakes in a very sweet manner. Love and violence are two different things.. don’t justify it this way..

  13. Test ,if he might be a love bomber …Just Google search…

    Means he is trying to showering and make you feel that he is loving you like sky is the limit..

  14. No one can find 100% perfect partner. One may be 70%, One can be 30% percent perfect partner.when both come together they will be 100% perfect partners. Love doesn’t mean dominating someone. Mistakes all will do. Understanding our partner each situations. Finding their weaknesses and be a motivator in their life and be a strength when they are week.

  15. Well let me get you all the things you need. So you won’t mind if I physically assault you.
    Wtf is wrong with you. Next time he does that kick his balls & don’t forget to wear your heels.

  16. If he respects u then he will never raise his hand..Y u think its good for u? It’s not. It’s something that will make u suffer a lot in coming days. Y u r enduring? Ask urself n consult about it with loved one other than ur bf.

  17. Dear if ur bf loves u he will never raise his hand on u ….. but if he is doing so then their must be something wrong…… becoz ….. Love needs care not beating ….

  18. U should talk to him in cool mind and sit together nd see some episode of pyar tune kya kiya and make him understand that raising hand is not a goid things…this is the activity of #hizra

  19. Wo tumhe khud or itna dependnt ni banana cahta kyu ki kl koi ni janta aur jb ap kisis pr pura dependent hi jate ho toh jb wo ksi wajah se bhi cahe wo situation hi kyu na ho dur hota hai toh drd hota hai

  20. U r saying that he is scolding you for small mistakes try to avoid them everything matters in a relation sis even it is bigger or smaller

  21. Raising hand is a crime. Respect and trust is lacking in such relationship. He can explain your mistakes and help you overcome them but hitting is never justified.

  22. You should explain him firmly that you really feel bad when he hits you and you will not accept it in future if he repeat it again and at the same time explain him that if he wants to improve you wherever you are wrong he can do it with firm and polite voice that will be more effective for changing you.

  23. To make a relationship successful one have to tolerate the other.Raising hands is nt a solution but u have to try ur best to keep him normal.If u commit any type of mistake tell him before he got to know this from others.If ur relationship is true he will definitely forgive u.It also happens in my case,so I told u. Mind one thing that when he was in aggressive mood try to keep him cool.

  24. Raising his hand on you is not at all acceptable whether the mistake be small or big (unless you are in a consensual BDSM dynamic that includes impact play)

    You say that you try to tell yourself that it is for your good and for your improvement, but do you ‘feel’ good about the whole thing? If the answer is no, you need to stand up for yourself and tell him that you will not accept such a treatment. He has no right to treat you that way. And it can’t be bought by any gifts.

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