59 thoughts on “My friend’s BF at any time asks for her mobile “to check”. He also asks for her FB/ phone password. Should my friend give it to him if she does not want to?

    1. Love totally depends on faith. Lack of faith makes relationship unstable. So there is no meaning of a relationship without faith. If he is asking your mobile everytime to check ,then he does not trust you and may be this is the best time to come out of this relationship

  1. She must have to think why her boyfriend asking these things. If he’s spying over her, this is the time to come out of this relationship.

  2. It’s okay if he is asking for her cell for a valid reason. But no, i don’t think password sharing is a good idea. Maybe he is paranoid, or maybe she has been not loyal in the past. So, it all depends on that.

  3. It will depend upon the bf choice if bf wants give password then its ok if not then gf dont do any kind force upon it .. Its my view point

  4. It’s ok to give password if it is for the first time..if it’s for number of times girl should think about the relationship

  5. If her bf had trust on her then he wouldn’t have asked for the FB password or her mobile. It means that the girl is hiding something coz she is not ready to give mobile or bf isn’t faithful in the relationship

  6. if he get some wrongfully throught about u clear it don’t easily break your relationship because of some faults

  7. No actually you should not leave him you should ask him that wat is the reasone that he can’t trust you.. may be you have broken his trust so he jst want to see that you are cheating on him or not so you have to build up that trust that he should have blind faith on you

  8. First thing ask yourself”is there trust”cuz if there were he would never had asked..and without trust relnship is useless

  9. U should tell her ask Wat is d reason to ask about d password. And clarify d matter.
    Ask him some questions
    Do u really trust m
    Do u really love m
    Do u care about m
    Ask in front of him.

  10. better u should leave him or show him your phone if you have no personal information okk but according to me u should leave because he has no faith on u………

  11. Simple!!!…apply a test…stop giving him space for a couple of days n try to go everywhere with him also asking him to accompany u everywhere especially to those places n works that he does not like…when he would make a fuss then talk to him n make him realise the necessity of space in a relationship!!!…this might work!!!…

  12. Yes love depends on faith. Anyways if she doesn’t have anything to hide she can give her bf to use her mobile and her Facebook. But matter should be cleared that her bf trust her or not. That’s it

  13. Even though your friend is in a relationship, she is still an individual in her own right. She has the right to her privacy and personal space. So, if her boyfriend is invading into her private space, it is better that she walks out of the relationship with her head held high.

    1. I trust my wife a lot even I was the only one who was there when nobody trusts her. I never asked her for her mobile phone I never checked her phone in her absence, even in her presence, even I never asked, to whom she is talking. But the result was unexpected. She was betraying me, it means she never loved me. Is this the result you are expecting after showing this much trust?

  14. In my opinion , if she really loves him then she will share her password, what is wrong in sharing password if they both trust each other,. if he/she have some secrets in fb or something else, then they don’t like to share password !!!!

    Trust on a person won’t Come that easy.

    Have no secrets, no selfish ,no lie , respecting each other’s feeling etc ,,,, can make a good relationship

  15. Boyfriend or not, you’re a person and you have a right to your privacy. Trust does not lie in sharing passwords, it lies in the intentions of the person.

  16. Ya in love care is important, but that care mustn’t create doubts or break trust… So trust is more important and when you trust checking fb or WhatsApp becomes unimportant

  17. My girl friend want to go out with her friend. But her friend is not good so am bothering about her friend. If i said dont go she will be angry what shal i do for this

  18. if the girl is loyal she may not have to have any problem giving her phone to him whereas her bf if does it on regular basis then she should have to end up with him

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