19 thoughts on “Of late my BF is insisting on picking me up and dropping me off at college. I’m worried that someone sees. Also I’ll miss out on time with my gal pals. What should I tell him?

  1. If u love him so u have to take risk. U have only two option
    Told everything to ur dad
    Try to understood ur situations to ur bf.
    I ll prfer 1st option
    Because mine family is first for me.

  2. If u love him u should spend time with him but in meantime u have to be care ful too.. so it will b beter if u ask the permission from your dad n go on.. it will b safer

  3. Just be frank to your bf n tell him your problem. On personal comment i would suggest to take risk because it would give you time to spend with him.

  4. You should tell him about your problems and if you both have a good understanding and he really cares and loves you, then he will surely help you out instead of forcing you to go with him. Take out a solution of this problem by discussing with him through which none of either of your sentiments would get hurt.

  5. If you feel safe then just ask him about his reasons for doing this. Is he just worried about being safe or are there other issues? Then you can address them together. Explain that you just want to hang with your friends and he should trust you. Tell him you don’t want to deal with folks prying into your private relationship.

    If you don’t feel comfortable confronting him then involve a trusted friend/ relative. Nip it in the bud, because I’m all likelihood he won’t stop if you don’t let him. Best of luck!

  6. talk to him..make him understand..its not about his feeling only..bcoz relation doesn’t work with ‘I’ ‘ME’ OR ‘MYSELF’..IT ONLY RUN WITH ‘WE’ ‘US’ & ‘TOGETHER’…
    IF YOUR FAMILY GOT THIS UPDATE THAT YOU WERE ROAMING WITH SOME BOY…WILL IT BE FINE FOR YOUR FAMILY?? ..no family want to hear such info from outsides.. once you are sure for that boy you can confront your family & also make your family understand..that this is the boy…rest demands on your family. Meantime just tell him…we love we care but we also have some other people & thinks which are connected with our life.. which should be managed along with our relationship.

    P.S.: love is blind,deaf & doesn’t have brain.So it may be difficult to make ‘LOVE’ understand ..whats is right or wrong.. 🙂

  7. If some one is telling the truth… then what’s the problem to listen the truth. … my gf blocked me bcoz of some people who msg her by my name telling that I had gave her number. …I confessed her many time bt she is not listening

  8. First if u both love each other then its worth taking risk…. but if u wanna spend sometime with friends too then u can ask him to not come daily…. he can come 2 days then 1 day gap then 2 day…then gap…. so u will be having time for both friends and love

  9. You should tell him that you’re an independent woman who can take care of herself. You don’t need a chauffeur, a bodyguard or his bullshit in your life.

  10. Simplest way is manipulate him tell him you don’t want him as your driver you want him as ur bf…nd you dnt need that service nd also tell him ur prblm aftr that..he’ll agree to it.

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